Passenger van transport to Kopaonik

Passenger van transport to Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the biggest and most attractive ski center in Serbia. It has over 20 ski tracks of different lengths and difficulties, with a total length of more than 45 km. Except for ski activities, there are many hotel and other additional content which is only fit for a prestigious tourist destination.

Kopaonik Mountain is located in the southwest of Serbia and it is the highest mountain in the country. One of its parts is protected by law and it is called „National park Kopaonik“. The highest peak of Kopaonik was named after a famous Serbian scientist Josif Pancic ( The Pancic peak, 2017 meters). With more than 200 sunny days, it was named „Sunny Mountain “as well.




Passenger transport to Kopaonik from Belgrade

The trip from Belgrade or „Nikola Tesla“airport to Kopaonik lasts 3,5 hours and is approximately 280 km long. Kopaonik can be reached from two directions:

  1. Autoputem Beograd-Niš (isključenje Pojate),preko Kruševca ,Brusa I Brzeće ili
  2. Milos Veliki highway, through Kraljevo and Josanicka banja. The route depends on the weather conditions which are changing often during the winter season, no matter the regular cleaning and road maintenance.

Kombi prevoz putnika do kopaonika

Passenger van transport to Kopaonik is one more special service we provide. Red Line organizes comfortable, punctual and safe trips from your address to the apartment or hotel you are staying in Kopaonik.

Red Line passenger van transport organizes passenger transfer to Kopaonik for individuals as well as for groups. Travel time, the route, stops and breaks are adapted to the needs of the passengers.

The Plan of van trip to Kopaonik

A 15 minute break during the trip lasting more than 3 hours is almost always included, because of the passengers as well as the short break for the driver. Place and time of the break is being agreed on during driving, most often in well-equipped and clean gas stations.

First and the longest part of the trip from Belgrade to Kopaonik is spent on the highway, and the shorter through the cities and villages of the Rasina region or through the Ibar river valley, also known as The Lilac Valley or The Kings’ Valley, and it is much more colourful and interesting. Mostly foreign travellers are interested in historical and tourist destinations, as well as the local restaurants. Red Line passenger van transport easily responds to their requests based on experience, and recommends places to make a longer break for sightseeing or refreshments.

Depending on the route, our passengers can look around the Prince Lazar City in Krusevac, medieval city of Stalac, Maglic fortress in the Ibar valley, Studenica and Zica monasteries. We recommend authentic Serbian restaurants which we know our passengers will enjoy. Especially in the atmosphere and the politeness of the hosts. They are:: “Stara krčma” near Krusevac, ethno restaurant “Kljunac” in the base of Kopaonik,village household Eric in Mrcajevci, restaurant “Jerinin grad”, café “Borjak” at Celije lake..
All of this is provided by our passenger van transport to Kopaonik, because we wish our passengers to have a pleasant and comfortable journey.


kombi za prevoz putnika do kopaonika

Staying in Kopaonik

Lodging capacity of Kopaonik is various and of high quality, so everyone can find a place for themselves.

Lodging in the center is recommended for guests who want an active stay, full of content. Near the ski lift and the bases of ski tracks are luxurious hotels ( Grand, Club A, Gorski,Putnik),numerous villas of quality apartment type (vila Suri,aparthotel Mamut, Casa di Pietra), as well as a large number of restaurants, cafes and shops.

To guests who want a more peaceful holiday after a day in the snow, we recommend lodging in the so called “weekend village” about 3 km from the center. There are also luxurious hotels ( Zoned, Kraljevi Čardaci, Milmari), but what is especially interesting is a large offer of villas to stay in.

Red Line passenger van transport will take to the door of any lodging you choose safely and comfortably.

All the expenses are included in the price of the transport (pay toll, parking…) No hidden expenses. If you choose van transport to Kopaonik, call our number 063 170 8420  or contact us via our contact page.